The SS Gothic – Tragedy in the Antarctic

April 7, 2016

Dear Members,


How nice it is to start writing this letter at 6 am whilst hearing the birds singing and see the bright light outside…Spring has sprung and then “here comes the rain again” just like the song from Eurhythmics! I can’t help to think that unless you talk about the weather you are not living in England.

This month, Eddie Neylon is a speaker that should not be missed, He will be sharing with us all the secrets within the Navy Services which have been kept from us for many years, it is most intriguing and emotional, so please don’t miss it. See the detail below.

Last month’s speaker was very interesting. Listening to Gilda Lee Lidderdale, sharing histories from her childhood growing up with legends such is Elvis Presley Martin Luther King and the great Aretha Franklin.

At our next luncheon, I will be providing everyone with a form asking you what your preferred topics for future speakers are, so get your thinking cap on in preparation.

You may have noticed that lately the luncheons has overrun a little, therefore, can I ask you to keep to our tradition and introduce your guest/s rather than guests introducing themselves, that way we will save some precious time. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

Finally thank you for all attending March’s Luncheon and I am looking forward to seeing you and your guest/s on Friday the 22th April.

Luzia Holloway


Our Guest in April: Eddie Neylon.


An account of exemplary courage by a great team of people to battle a raging fire onboard the vessel in inhospital Antarctic water. Could we stop the ship from sinking?

Eddie Neylon was a junior Engineering Officer aboard at the time and will give an emotional and harrowing account of the inferno.

Eddie has been an Officer with the world’s Navy’s since 1968. Mainly with the British Merchant Navy but also working closely with other agencies.

He holds honorary ranks in the world’s Navy’s for his work in technically advancing the submarine rescue systems and for their operational readiness.

Being made responsible for the NATO Submarine Rescue System since 1990 Eddie and his team of engineers developed the ‘state of the art’ rescue equipment, and, following intensive training it is now used by most of the naval forces around the world.

Apart from the 24hr 365 days a year in standby readiness for submarine rescue, Eddie and his team are also responsible for :-

  • Black Box recovery from aeroplanes that ditch in the oceans
  • At sea drug busts
  • Piracy protection devices
  • SAS/SBS co-ordinator for the freeing of high jacked vessels
  • Early warning systems, installation and maintenance
  • Underwater cloaking and listening devices
  • Investigation of strange underwater activity (we are not alone)
  • And anything, within reason, that the Governments want us to do.

The team never take on any commercial work…

Eddie has retired from active duty and is now Managing Director of his own Marine Consultancy company ‘Ashurst Marine Consultancy Ltd’ based in the New Forest.

Eddie’s hobbies include driving steam trains and building steam engines.

May’s Speaker

27th May Luncheon Stephen Bath. Past Managing Director of Bath Travel and the best airline in the world “PALMAIR!”.

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