October Newsletter

October 5, 2015

luzia handover

On my first newsletter as chairman I would like to thank all those members whom attended the handover luncheon in September and their guest. Your warm welcome and words of encouragement makes me look forward to 10 more lunches to come – Thank you!

Needless to say that I am privileged to be the 26th chairperson put in trust to carry the baton on behalf of The EAGB (Solent)

I hope you all enjoy our future lunches as you have done for the last 26 years of this organisation whose trademark is “Business is our Business”.

David Williams our guest speaker in September was informative and funny, the topic of “Nelson Remembered” was welcomed to all those with an interest in history, it brought us all an understanding of a hero’s life.

My outlook for the next year is to encourage all the members to be actively involved on the mechanics of our luncheons by bringing and sharing new ideas, and encourage each one to do business with trusted friends! Or someone referred by them.

The launch of “Business Date” is an idea to encourage people to talk to each other during lunch and discover what we may have in common and if we can help each other, if nothing else a fabulous lunch at the courtesy of the Chewton Glen cannot be bad!

“What my company needs today” is a question that we all have – are the answers among us? Who knows if we don’t ask?

I was grateful to Ian Hunter who introduced me to a supplier of vehicle leases as I am paying more then I should for my vehicles. I intend to keep you up date with the developments and looking forward to hearing what “Keith Sansom and Mark had in common”

Our future guest speakers are a mixture of “Crown Jewels”, “Extinct Animals”, “Life in Pinewood”, “Helping a local Cancer charity” and many more all telling us stories based on their experience and kindly sharing them with us

Well… good thing a bell has not being held as I write!

Hope to see you all on the 16th October

Kind Regards,


Guest Speakers

16th October – Dr Julian P Hume – Palaeontologist – artist and writer, Scientific Associate at the Natural History Museum – See more – julianhume.co.uk

13th November – Mr Keith Hanson – Chief Exhibitor of the Crown Jewels

11th December – Mr Michael Infante- CEO of One Media based in Pinewood Studios and a great story teller of “ Life at Pinewood”

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