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Marketing Without a Budget
This is our aim - to show companies large and small how to maximise the many opportunities there are to raise their profile without spending a penny - just a bit of time.
We are happy to put together a personal report for a company, outlining all the ways they could promote themselves in this way. This would probably provide enough ideas to last 10 years to implement it all!
We can, if wished, then train a suitable person within that company to take over the PR role. This role would take overall about half a days work in a week and cost of course nothing if the member of staff is already employed. PR is far more effective, we believe, if done internally and our aim is to educate, train and then withdraw from an active role and just be in the back ground to help if ever necessary.
Marketing without a budget is the way forward!

Why work with Us?

Look at how much you spend on advertising a year and imagine what impact that would have on your bottom line if you could halve or more this spend and replace it with free promotion!
We only wish to help companies open their eyes to all the possibilities, not stay employed by them, just do our job then remain in the background as support if every required.


Jackie Neylon

Jackie Neylon

Marketing & Media Consultant


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