FPN Chartered Accountants

Industry: Corporate Finance and strategic advisory

About Us

Our work includes:

Business Sales
Strategic advice
Acquisitions including buy and build strategies
Management Buy outs and Buy ins
Raising Debt and Equity Finance
Accelerated business sales and acquisitions
Insolvency and restructuring advice

Why work with Us?

We’re here to help owner managers make money from the sale of their businesses, develop sensible strategies which help them meet their objectives, and give them a hand to implement them. This service is relevant to a spectrum of financial circumstances, from intense difficulty to good profitability and a solid balance sheet.

This is the strategic advisory thread that runs through all that we do whether we characterise it as Corporate finance, Business Sales or Restructuring and insolvency services. Above all what we do is aimed at helping you to define and achieve your commercial objective.


Rosemary Penn-Newman

Rosemary Penn-Newman



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