Executives Association of Great Britain

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About Us

The Executives Association of Great Britain was established in London in 1929 and have been meeting there to create business together ever since.

We meet on the second Thursday of every month at The Dorchester on Park Lane and welcome visitors.

Why work with Us?

With a great group of friendly professionals, business owners and board level executives, we provide a relaxed afternoon with a 3 course lunch, a guest speaker, and The Mikado, our guided networking session.

Networking isn't about meeting someone at an event and selling them a large piece of business: that is what trade fairs are for. Networking is about meeting people who may be able to help you with your business and who you may be able to help with theirs. Never forget that you have no idea who the person sitting next to you might meet tomorrow.


Andrea Matyszczyk

Andrea Matyszczyk

Operations Director


  • The Limes
  • High Road
  • Orsett
  • Essex
  • RM16 3ER


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