A Sailing Experience for March’s Meeting

March 5, 2015


February’s meeting was well attended. Our guest speaker Conor Burns MP provided us with some serious and amusing anecdotes of his times spent with Margaret Thatcher, or Mrs T as he likes to call her.

It was a pleasure to hear an MP giving a light hearted talk, not over political and not using the meeting for an election rally. As I mentioned at the meeting, I think he came across to us all as a gentleman of sound morals and personal values, regardless of any of our political party allegiance.

He also kindly donated one of the lots for the special auction arranged for this month’s meeting, which was most generous and not expected. I am sure that the Ellen Macarther Cancer Trust will wish us to thank him on their behalf.

This month’s meeting looks like it is set to be both awe inspiring and fun. I am looking forward to hearing all about Tricia’s sky diving session and the good cause that inspired her to do it, as well as Stuart’s witty repartee with gavel in hand to raise more for the trust.

If for some reason you can’t attend this month then look on the website at the lots on offer. I am sure that Stuart will be only too pleased to take into account any commission bids made prior to the day.

Sailing Experience Charity

The Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust is a national organization set up by the internationally-renowned sailor. It gives young people between the ages of 8 to 24 who are in recovery from cancer the opportunity to take part in a new and fantastic sailing experience. The majority of the young people who sail for the first time have finished treatment and are in the very difficult process of trying to put their lives back together.

Like most charities they do sterling work for those people less fortunate in health than many of us. I do appreciate that we all have our favourite charities and would mention at this point that, whilst we would like to make as much as we can for them, please do not feel under any obligation to contribute as this is not a high pressure fund raising day.

It is an informative day about the charity and Tricia’s experience, with a bit of fun that may help increase the money Tricia received from sponsorship. Our speaker from the charity will be Clare Ross.

"These are really special kids. In many ways they are just the same as everyone else, they are interested in the same things as kids their age, they have the same goals in life, but the difference is that they do this with a huge challenge ahead of them." Ellen Macarthur

As always I look forward to welcoming you and your guests to what I believe will be a very interesting and informative meeting.


Stuart, our resident auctioneer will be happy to take commission bids if you are unable to be present on the day.

Auction Lots so far:

  • A Spa day for two, donated by Chewton Glen
  • A lunch for two, donated by Chewton Glen
  • A visit and tour of the House of Commons including tea for two people. Donated by Conor Burns, our February guest speaker.
  • A Track day for one as a passenger in Ian Hunter’s 500hp A C Cobra, at Castle Coombe Race circuit on Tuesday 12th May, plus the opportunity of being a passenger in other interesting classic cars.

Please do not feel under any obligation to contribute. We will only require about ten items which would be enough to increase Tricia’s fund and provide a bit of fun on the day.

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