Lunch With The Bodyguard

September 5, 2018

Our next meeting on the 21st September sees us welcoming Autumn and is also our Chairman’s Handover and which Nick Phillips will become Chairman, Ian Hunter will be the immediate past Chairman, and Angie Beeston will become Vice Chairman.

Our speaker for this month is Chris Lubbe who will be a fascinating guest as he was a bodyguard to Nelson Mandela. His full biography is below and bookings for your table are being taken here: Luncheon Attendance Form

Guest Speaker: Chris Lubbe

Born at a very difficult period in South Africa’s history, Chris made a decision early in his life to become an activist and oppose the racially based system of ‘apartheid’. This decision was to put him on a direct collision course with the ‘apartheid’ regime which resulted in several spells of incarceration, torture and near-death experiences.

After Nelson Mandela’s release in 1990 and the fall of ‘apartheid’, Chris worked with Nelson Mandela until his retirement as a bodyguard and also got involved in the delicate negotiations with the ‘apartheid regime’ resulting in subsequent agreement and the drafting of the new constitution.

At present Chris works within various sectors as a keynote speaker and uses stories from his past to inspire positive change. His talks cover various themes including determination, resilience, courage, humanity, courage and forgiveness.

Apart from sharing his own personal story, Chris shares from the many important lessons and anecdotes that he learned from working with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Chris is also a UNICEF Children’s Ambassador and has spoken at various organisations including: Princeton University, Ricardo, IBM, NHS Scotland, NHS England, Garmin, Board of Education – Canada, Burlington County School District, New Jersey, Blake Morgan Solicitors, International Rotary Conferences, Hospice Isle of Man, The National Solicitors Conference, Hampshire County Council, various schools and Head Teachers Conferences throughout the UK.

You can discover more about Chris here:

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