Executive Association Solent Lunch 15th July 2022, Guest Speaker Commodore Jim Patrick CBE

July 4, 2022

Commodore Jim Patrick CBE is the guest speaker for the July luncheon of the Executive Association Solent at the Chewton Glen.

Jim will be highlighting the incredible work of a foundation which inspires resilience among people with neurological disorders.

The Bowra Foundation was established in 2019 by Mark Bowra MBE, a decorated special forces officer from the Royal Marines and Special Boat Service.

Mark, from Dorset, suffered a major stroke eight years ago and has since dedicated his life to helping others.

One of many achievements to date has been Mark’s ‘Bowra Bags’, which are special rucksacks carrying rehabilitation items that assist with physical and metal recovery.

Jim will speak of how Mark’s dogged defiance, in the face of adversity, has encouraged many people to better understand the importance of the motivational mantra “what’s inside matters”.

Resilience has very much been the theme of guest speakers under Ron Wain’s chairmanship of the Executive Association Solent for 2021/22.

Current vice-chair Matt Smith takes over the reins September, with Hannah Vincent vice-chair.

More about the Bowra Foundation: https://www.bowra-foundation.org/index.html

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