Last Flight Of The Architect

September 2, 2019


At our last luncheon in July, we bade a fond farewell to Chairman Nick Phillips who as you can see flew off with our excellent guest speak Phil Holt. In the distance, you can see “Batman” Ian Hunter in support….!!

In September Angie Beeston will land as Chairman and her co-pilot for 2019/20 will be Ron Wain. Their ceremony will be held on Friday 20th September and you can book your table here.

September’s Guest Speaker: Andy Taylor-Whyte – The Inspiration Bureau

Andy is an inspirational presentation consultant, marketing campaign specialist and multi-million-pound fundraiser who helps people to inform and inspire others, by building on and improving their public speaking skills, personal presentations, business pitches, and proposals.

In September, Andy will share with us some key insights into developing our public speaking skills and using very personal techniques and approaches to ensure our message gets across in an impactful and dynamic way.

He will explain the CODE, a simple method to assemble and deliver powerful and personal presentations, quickly and with greater confidence.

Discover more at:

Dates for the year ahead…

20th September Guest Speaker Andy Taylor-Whyte / Chairman’s Handover Luncheon to Angie Beeston.

18th October Guest Speaker The Events Team from the Royal Navy

15th November 30th Anniversary Luncheon Guest Sally Taylor MBE

13th December Christmas Luncheon. Matt Black the Piano Man Comedian

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