Keeping Your Chin Up In February

February 10, 2020

Our last luncheon had a food theme and also a certain amount of business coaching as Miss Witt, a world class chocolatier, teacher, demonstrator and judge taught us more about the world she works in, whilst members also had the opportunity to offer her some business advice.

An unscripted development but one that the members found enjoyable and entertaining.

No doubt this month the discussion will also be positive now we have left the European Union, we’re sure many members will be ready to talk about how it will affect their businesses in the future.

Guest Speaker: Jim Cregan

Our next luncheon meeting is Friday 21st February and the food theme continues as our guest speaker for the day will be Jim Cregan.

Affectionately known by his marketing theme: “Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.” his talk is titled “Keep Your Chin Up”.

Reserve your places here. 

In 2010, a guy called Jim Cregan from the South Coast of England created Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, a range of awesome ready-drink-iced coffees which can now be found in great fridges across the UK and beyond.

The inspiration came from a petrol station stop whilst on a road trip around Oz. Jim escaped there after doing a tonne of random jobs in the UK and needed a fresh start, so bought some tickets for him and his lady to Oz. It was there whilst road tripping, surfing, camping and chilling that he discovered the phenomenon of Iced Coffee.

In his mind, he knew he had to head back to the UK at some point and wanted to bring the Iced Coffee experience with him. Fast forward a few years and Jim is now back in the UK with his own company, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee which is available in over 5000 outlets across the UK and beyond.

He started the business with his sister and they now lead a team of over 20 crew, have 6 products and counting and do some great stuff helping the younger generation become inspired to do awesome things.

He married his lady, has two kids and spends as much of his free time as possible road tripping with them, mainly hugging the coast.

Discover more about Jimmy’s product here:

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