February Luncheon

February 4, 2016

Dear Members,


I trust you all have now got used to the idea that the new year is definitely here to stay and hard to believe the 1st Month has just gone.

Your Committee has been busy, and come up with exciting news and positive changes and a good list of future guest speakers, from experts in food, stories on American Civil Rights , submarine human disasters , cyber attacks and many more.

Anthony Adams, who at our January luncheon brought Sinatra back to life for the afternoon. It was certainly a change to see our members and guests singing along, it was very rewarding.

On the guest note I would like to thank you all for bringing along your guests, but just a little reminder that this great event is a business lunch, where the dress code applies. If you would kindly pass this information to your guests it would be much appreciated.

For the February Luncheon on Friday 19th, I am looking forward to follow up on our business dates between Angie and Roger and Matt and Debby, hoping they found the time during their busy schedule to explore mutual business opportunities.

This month’s guest speaker is Paul Kinvig.

Once again look I forward to welcoming you and guests for an afternoon full of potential business opportunities.

Luzia Holloway



Our Guest Speaker is Paul Kinvig

Paul is passionate about being a catalyst for change. He has a background in media and economic development/sector growth, including 11 years at MD/Chief Exec level.

Paul combines his coaching and listening skills with his extensive experience of business and local economy, to create powerful results in leadership development, presentation skills and adapting for change.


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