Executive Association Solent Lunch 16th Sept 2022, John Clarke (ex Royal Navy)

August 12, 2022

HMS Edinburgh was one of the toughest ships ever built. In 1942, it was sunk by a German U-boat whilst carrying an especially valuable cargo. At the time of her sinking, HMS Edinburgh was carrying 4.570 kg of gold as a payment from Russia to the Allies for the supply of merchandise. Only in 1961, the company Jessop Marine won the contract to salvage the gold and by October 7th, 431 of the 465 ingots were recovered from a depth of 245 metres.


John Clarke, ex Royal Navy, was the project manager engaged by the consortium. John gained special access to the bomb room and was able to view plans of the layout of the ship together, with detailed drawings of the bomb room and racks where the gold was said to be stored, and will be providing an engaging talk on the recovery of the Gold, which today, has an estimated value of £140m, making it one of the largest bullion recoveries in British history.


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