An Oceanographic Officer in October

October 8, 2018

The next luncheon is on Friday 19th October.

Our speaker for the day will be Commander John Sephton, who has spoken to us before, on the subject of Conflict in the Workplace, in July 2017.

Prior to John starting his own consultancy business 10 years ago he served as a Royal Navy Officer for nearly 27 years.  At short notice John has kindly agreed to talk to us about his career in the Royal Navy with reference to events of the times, as well as a brief take on Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar; the 213th anniversary of which is on the Sunday following our lunch on the 21st October 2018.

Our next two luncheons are:

Friday 16th November, our 29th Anniversary Luncheon

Friday 14th December, Christmas luncheon with a comedian as our guest speaker.

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Guest Speaker: John Sephton

John works with senior leaders, teams and individuals at all levels across organisations, to resolve conflicts and achieve clarity of purpose in the seemingly intractable challenges encountered in the contemporary business world.

Before forming his own company nearly ten years ago, John served as a Royal Navy Officer, initially in the Feet Air Arm, as a Sea King pilot, and at sea in ships from aircraft carriers to frigates.

Eventually, he was “caught out” and promoted to senior rank and made a “grown up.” Thereafter, he moved into roles in career and talent management, as well as attempting to coordinate the personnel programme for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines on behalf of the Second Sea Lord.

John is a Chartered Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Chartered Management Institute. Quite remarkably, many years ago he was awarded an Honours degree in Chemistry from Exeter University, most of the subject matter of which he has now forgotten. He is a Trustee of the Society of Mediators and leads their programme of continuous professional development. His website is woefully out of date and he remains confused about social media, having just about worked out how to switch on the camera on his iPhone.

If ever asked, John would list his interests as: wife; children; golf; sailing; and gardening. Sensibly, in that order, but not necessarily at the same time! And one day he would like to sit down and read all the books he should have read years ago.

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