About Us

The Executive Association Solent, is an independent organization affiliated to a national network of Associations, all with the same aims and objectives.

The Executives’ Association was founded in San Francisco in 1915, and is now particularly strong in North America, with flourishing Associations in all major cities.

Introduced into England in 1929 in London as an exclusive business luncheon club, the idea prospered and spread and there are now thriving Associations in other areas.

The objective is to provide a forum in which business relationships can be cemented, opportunities explored, which is clearly defined by our motto "Business is our Business".

The aim is to openly encourage members to take advantage of our prestigious venue, to entertain guests, talk business, inter-trade and to make new business introductions, thus making the regular meetings integral to the continuing success and development of members’ businesses.

Membership is drawn from directors, senior executives, and partners from firms in industry, commerce and the professions and is open to organizations both large and small. We have members located throughout the southern region from Portsmouth to Poole and Newbury to the Isle of Wight.

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